Poly Pipe Sizes| How to sell poly pipe affordable?

Polye pipe and the growth process These poly pipe and plastic materials in the industry have properties and applications that have made a great improvement in production line and application in many industries in the short period of their production life. 

These pipes are designed and manufactured in various sizes. Poly pipe sizes are each tailored to suit their needs, and the large variety of these pipes makes their sales market thriving. Also, in terms of price, these pipes are cheaper than other types of pipes, so they are economical to use in various industries.

Poly Pipe Sizes| How to sell poly pipe affordable?

Why Poly Pipes Have Best Selling?

Why Poly Pipes Have Best Selling?Poly pipes may be the best-selling type of pipe and fittings on the market, the most important of which is the very reasonable price and the variety and size and variety (suitable for any application). The polypropylene pipe sizes are such that anyone from any part of the community can use or be a customer. Housewives for home use and business owners for industrial use can use a variety of polypipe fittings.

Other reasons why these products are so popular are their many applications. Poly pipes in municipal sewage, garden irrigation, in drip irrigation, as ventilation ducts, power cables, metal pipes, underfloor heating, landfill, landfill, fertilizer and agricultural pesticides, Airports, mines, railroads, power plants, firefighting, fish farming, gas transportation and rainwater irrigation, and thousands of places you can’t think of.

Also, piping with poly pipes is a way to alleviate problems in agriculture, industry and canalization. These pipes can be used in various places such as the basement, under the sea and etc.

Generally, the poly tube has a long life, has no problems installing it, is resistant to sunlight and chemicals so it is obvious why these tubes have the best sales on the market!

Where to use black large poly pipes?

Where to use black large poly pipes?It is worth noting that in the case of large black polyethylene pipes, the most important issue is their weight. Due to their unique properties, black large poly pipes and fittings can be the best choice for fluid transmission systems (such as water) in large industrial projects, power plants and water supply systems. black large poly pipes are also commonly used in municipal sewer systems, gas supply systems and large fire extinguishing projects. The reasons listed below are some of the factors that have made the use of these poly fittings more popular day by day :

  • They are resistant to many chemicals and do not corrode.
  • They will not leak if installed and run properly and standard welding.
  • Due to their high flexibility, these pipes are resistant to earth and earthquake movements. Polyethylene pipes can also withstand flexural and tensile stresses. This feature greatly reduces the cost of repairs, annual maintenance, or rebuilding of fluid transmission lines.
  • The cost of trenching and laying of networks with pipes and fittings is much lower than that of pipes with steel or concrete, and even in some irrigation and irrigation projects there is no need for laying.
  • Very long life
  • It is standard drinking water and is very suitable for both urban and rural water use.
  • The light weight of the polyethylene pipe and its connections make it easier to transport and transport than metal and concrete pipes.

HDPE pipes uses in big factories

HDPE pipes uses in big factories HDPE Pipe High-Density Polyethylene Tube :

The main and semi-core pipes in pressure irrigation networks are poly pipes that can be manufactured up to 110 pipes in size and the pipes significantly reduce the cost of welding and bonding. 

hdpe pipe sizes metric : 

In the hdpe pipe catalogue , all the information, including their size, is written. Irrigation polyethylene pipes are manufactured in sizes from 16 to 2000 mm, with a working pressure of 2 to 40 bar with HDPE-PE100 material. The life span of these PEs is very high due to the use of suitable raw materials and can be used for 100 years of continuous work in the main and secondary lines of the irrigation.

Hdpe pipes are resistant to corrosion and wear, have a longer service life, can be fitted with no-fittings, are easy to install, are able to rebuild pipelines, are environmentally friendly, and lightweight. For this reason, they have a great variety of applications in large factories.

How to Increase the Sales of Black poly pipes?

How to Increase the Sales of Black poly pipes?Due to their great advantages and wide applications, their black poly pipes have great sales market and do not really need advertising. But, nevertheless, it is possible to increase sales by informing individuals and customers of their benefits and benefits. Also, their low and very reasonable prices attract many customers and can be found on the Black polypipe price list website.

You can also increase their sales by advertising the free installation or free shipping of these pipes. There has been a lot of talk about the benefits and benefits of Black poly pipes before, so having a specialist in pipes factories and units that can tell customers and buyers the benefits of using these pipes can be a way to Very suitable for increasing sales of these pipes.

Which companies have high quality poly pipes?

Which companies have high quality poly pipes?You can make poly pipes online or in person, but poly pipes are difficult to obtain from an expert or experienced person. To find out the quality of these tubes, just send some of these tubes to reputable laboratories to find out the quality of these tubes in writing. Seamless pipes work very well in very tough conditions such as corrosive or acidic fluids and liquids that have corrosive particles as well as high temperatures and pressures.

In addition to recognizing the quality of poly pipes, companies that produce high-quality pipes should also be recognized. Companies that are more prestigious nationwide in producing poly pipes usually produce better quality pipes. Web sites can be found for companies producing pipe and their standards and other information. Nowadays any information can be obtained by visiting the internet!

It is also noteworthy that for the production of quality products, certain world standards in the manufacture of poly pipes must be observed. So, when researching to find the best companies with the best products, you must also adhere to these standards.

Iranian high quality poly pipes at low prices

Iranian high quality poly pipes at low pricesIn the past 50 years, the poly pipe industry in Iran, with its advances in the production of poly pipes and fittings, has emerged as a viable alternative to steel, PVC, GRP and cast iron pipes and has been able in most cases. Consider alternatives to such pipes. The robustness, durability and easy installation of polyethylene pipes and fittings have been very effective in this decision.

Nowadays, poly pipes in Iranian companies are used in most major projects such as high-pressure water transfer projects and urban and industrial wastewater transmission systems as well as natural gas transmission in industrial and chemical environments or telecommunication and catering projects used.

Poly pipe and in particular poly-walled pipe is one of the products of Iranian companies which is produced with the highest quality standards. The entire production process from the moment raw material arrives until the final product exit (poly tube) from the factory, is under strict supervision by quality control and laboratory personnel, and all documentation is permanently under the control and supervision of other relevant parties. All are under the supervision of the Intelligent Management Team.

Poly pipes are made of poly materials that are constantly changing and fluctuating in the price of the stock and there is no relative stability in the price of poly pipes as well as many other factors such as exchange rates (imported materials), shipping costs, electricity costs. And personnel costs and much more may affect the final price of the poly pipe and the price list (poly pipe price table).

So manufacturers and sellers give their prices to customers on a daily basis, with a one-day validity period, and bidding is a very high risk. Because in the bids they bid on the day’s price list, the envelopes are opened and approved in the next few days, and the project and production of pipes begins, and the finances and settlement in such projects are very long-term, which actually makes the project profitable. Excludes. Therefore, the prospect of preparing a poly pipe price list for tenders should be taken into account and many factors should be taken into account to avoid potential losses.

The price of the poly pipe is directly related to the price of poly fittings and the price list of poly fittings is largely influenced by the price of poly fittings. However, these pipes are affordable and can be purchased and used for affordable prices.

How to find Iranian major suppliers?

How to find Iranian major suppliers?Searching the Internet provides us with any information we want. Searching the internet and sites can help you find the best Iranian major suppliers that produce the most quality products. Searching the internet provides us with any information we want. Searching the internet and sites can help you find the best manufacturers that produce the most quality products. But first we need to have information about Iranian producers and other components.

Poly raw materials are supplied by major Iranian major companies in the field of polyester materials, including Basell, BP Solvay, Borouge, as well as domestic petrochemicals such as Shazand, Amirkabir Petrochemical, Jam Petrochemical and Petrochemical.  Iranian companies in recent years have been able to supply the needs of most of the neighboring countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Asian countries and African countries in the field of pipes and fittings. Contributes to pressure water supply poles, fire extinguishing systems, and industrial wastewater systems. 

Also, prices and types of pipes have always been important in finding the company to buy the desired products. Different types of fittings (industrial pipe fittings or home pipe fittings) are related to their gender and application of pipe fittings, steel pipe fittings, cast iron pipes, poly pipe fittings, household pipe fittings, etc. There are some that are best for choosing the most suitable type of pipe and fittings, first considering its application and the type of fluid that will flow into the pipe and fittings.

Pipes and fittings for petroleum materials are often of steel, as well as pipes and fittings for the domestic sewage system and sewage disposal facilities are all made of polyethylene, as well as pipes and fittings for buildings heating systems made of PEX pipe and fittings made of brass. Drinking water in buildings uses polymer pipes and fittings, and the valves will be made of brass and steel, and pipe and fittings will be selected and used for high-pressure drinking water up to 730 mm in size from PE pipes and fittings.

The best type of pipes and fittings should be selected according to the type of fluid and applications and each model and type has its own application.

Prices of pipes and fittings :

Providing the right pipe and fittings at the best price does not mean that the pipe and fittings are the lowest price and that quality materials are not used in the production of pipes and fittings. When purchasing pipes and fittings, first and foremost, you must be careful that the raw materials used in the production of pipes and fittings are of the appropriate standard and that the pipes and fittings process is also controlled by a quality control unit and that the products are manufactured to the standard. Be it

The price of pipes and fittings is related to their quality, and do not sacrifice quality in the selection of pipes and fittings and buy the right quality product.

What is Blue Line poly pipe?

What is Blue Line poly pipe?Poly pipes have different types that are used according to their application. The lines on the ploy pipes are divided into three categories :

  1. Yellow poly pipe for gas lines.
  2. Blue-line poly pipes are for water lines and fluid liquids.
  3. The red-line poly pipe is for sewage use.

Polyethylene water pipe (Blue Line poly pipe) :

One of the most widely used polyethylene pipes is water supply pipe. The water pipe is black in color, which is distinguished by a blue line from the other pipes. They are mainly used in water supply and water transportation. Important features of water supply pipes can be its lightness, corrosion and non-deposition. It also has a long life and is economically viable. Since microorganisms do not cause any damage to the water supply pipe, they are also suitable for drinking water piping. This product comes in different pressures and buyers buy according to their needs. These advantages have made the water supply pipe to replace metal and concrete pipes. The main use of water supply pipes is to transport water outside the city or inside the city for major divisions.

is poly pipe used for transport drink water?

 is poly pipe used for transport drink water?As mentioned, the Blue Line poly pipes are used for the transportation of drinking water and information about them is stated above. Water supply pipes play an important role in water supply and in the water supply network. Polypropylene water pipes are 16 to 315 mm in diameter and are manufactured in a pressure range of 4 to 25 atmospheres. These tubes are subdivided into three types, regardless of their thickness and working pressure, depending on the raw material.

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