Plastic Pipe Sizes| Best Selling sizes of Plastic pipes

How much of plastic pipe sizes? What are the plastic pipe applications?
Generally, plastic pipes are hollow cylinders and tubular which are made of plastic in different sizes. The main application of these productions is industrial and mainly install for liquid and gas flows.
Selling the plastic pipes are accomplishing in the whole world and the related customers commonly prepare them in bulk volumes. In this article, we want to tell the useful information about these productions.
Plastic Pipe Sizes| Best Selling sizes of Plastic pipes

Which sizes of plastic pipes are more popular?

Which sizes of plastic pipes are more popular?

Typically, the applications of these productions are available in a wide range but some of these applications are more used by industrial companies and centers. As it said, the sizes of plastic pipes are widely different according to the type of usage and the producers make them by paying attention to the same factor.

In fact, there are three types of plastic pipes which produce in the companies and used for various industries:

  • Structured wall pipe
  • Solid wall pipe
  • Barrier pipe

each kind of these pipes can be used for special application and their structures are different from each other. Barrier pipes are the ones those used for drinking water access. Moreover, the applications of these pipes are widely different, so, they can be very useful and should produce by the companies.

  • Transmission of acid and chemical solutions
  • Raw oil
  • Canalization
  • Sewage
  • Burning gases
  • Transferring the mud and slob

As you see, all of the items are related to the industrial accomplishes, so, there is no need for extra expenditures such as transportation, installer workers and reducing the production costs but the main application of these pipes is a transmission of water and natural gases.

Which pipes are better to use in buildings?

Which pipes are better to use in buildings?

Buildings are the places which need some of the junctions to connecting the water and gases flows for residences’ usage, these connections have to accomplish by something safe and hollow, in fact, these connections have to support with plastic pipes.

Plastic pipes are effective in the level and intensity of using these substances, for example, if the plastic pipes are not wide enough, they can not flow the water for upper floors of a residential building, the gas flows are no exception of this rule!

But the material used for pipes is different for each kind of application, the building pipes are different in material and have to use only for building junctions. The methods of plumbing also should be in the right way, likewise, it can be permeated and causes many damages. Mainly, the types of building pipes want to present here:

  • Galvanization pipe
  • Polypropylene pipes
  • Cast iron pipe
  • PVC pipe
  • Five layered pipe
  • Polyethylene pipe

The listed items have the defections and strong points that can be used for different applications, for example, the cast iron pipes involve with erosion lesser and are cheaper than the other metal pipes, also, they are easier to install but these pipes have some defections that not solvable, so, using these pipes decrease today. Galvanization pipes are divided into steel and irony types, steel pipes are mostly used for bathroom and restrooms but they are not good resistors from the erosion. Generally, they are strong resistors but they might involve with corroding and erosion. Moreover, pvc pipe fittings are the best types of pipes to building applications, these are included many features which mention later.

Can we use plastic pipes in factories?

Can we use plastic pipes in factories?

According to the applications of plastic pipes, these types are used in factories in many categories as produced in those factories too.

Polypropylene pipes are the most useful productions which have wide usages both in industrial and chemical applications which means they even have applications in the main factories which are producing these pipes. Of course, the metal pipes mostly use in these factories. Some of the factories that use plastic pipes are:

  • Mines
  • Powerhouses
  • Railways
  • Fire stations
  • Landfill factory

These types of pipes have considerable features that make differences between other types of pipes. The most important advantages of metal pipes are:

  • They are worthy and affordable to prepare
  • These pipes are good resistors and corrode hard
  • The installation of these productions can be easily done
  • Containing the multi-layered matter, so, they can be effective for customers
  • These pipes work for more than 10 yup to 15 years and resist until 1400 degrees Celsius

The producers of pipe types are different from each other as well as their quality is different too, for example, the polypropylene pipes are under the supervision of Germany which are producing by expert engineers. Today, these types of pipes are only produced in Iran by Germany standards. The size of all of the pipes depends on the type of usage, for example, pvc drain pipe sizes have to measure by the standards of that type of application, sometimes pvc pipe sizes in mm unit have to be measured and cut off.

Top 10 buyers of plastic pipes in Asia

Top 10 buyers of plastic pipes in Asia

According to the mentioned information, plastic pipes are widely under the efficiency of different countries in bulk volumes. Asia, Europe, and America have the most level of usages pipes for their companies and other industrial and constructive activities. 

There are several countries which are using these productions in wide volume by importing from the producer countries of the Middle East.

  • Iraq
  • Emirates
  • Russia
  • Qatar
  • Turkmenistan
  • Turkey
  • Persian gulf borders
  • Afghanistan
  • China
  • Japan

These countries import the bulk volumes of these productions, as you see, these countries have many product lines for different industrial commodities and services. It is essential to mention that most of these productions are manufacturing in Iran and export to the areas. Moreover, the other producers of different types of pipes such as plastic pressure pipe fittings belong to:

  • Germany
  • America
  • Austria
  • Netherlands

and … The quality of produced pipes is in the right way with the global standards. The related productions export to many areas such as the Middle East countries in bulk volumes.

What are the green pipes?

What are the green pipes?

Besides these productions, there is another type of pipes which have their special features. These are known as green pipes, its title exactly comes from its color. The green pipes are the best choices for drinking water portable as well as they are too much safe. The applications of these pipes also use for plumping the domestic water and other liquid productions such as beverage types.

If you read about these productions, you will know the exact color of these pipes are olive green and have lots of application for water and sewing transmission. Moreover, blue pipes are the other color of these productions which use for such transmissions.

But there are some proportions, differences between the green sewing drain pipe and green domestic pipes and also some of their disadvantages:

  1. The green sewing drain pipe is thicker than domestic ones and mostly use in the underground.
  2. Both of these pipes are light and easy to move.
  3. Green pipes are not good resistors and can be cracked or collapsed easily, even by the roots of the trees.
  4. The price of these pipes is lower than other types, so the builders prefer to use them in the construction.

Flexible pipes and their uses

Flexible pipes and their uses

As you know, plastic is not a flexible material alone but according to special formulations and added substances, they are possible to become flexible for different needful applications.

Most of these pipes are using for insulators and supporting cables for electronic power. This advantage is very useful for some of the activities which have to be flexible. Polyethylene and PVC pipes are the best choices for these activities. So, the producing process of these pipes may differ in their thick, mean some of these pipes produce in two shells and have double resistance in pressure positions.

Generally, the applications of flexible pipes can be divided into some items:

  • Drinking water portable
  • Canalization portables
  • Fire station pipes
  • Ventilation channels
  • Metal pipes’ coverage
  • Power cables’ coverage
  • Gas portable
  • Movable irrigation systems

As you see, the applications of these pipes are a lot because of their flexibility feature, for example, you can not use the metal pipes for covering the power cables or the plumbing of the residential buildings must use these pipes because they install underground and have to be flexible to easily move.

Guide for buying best pipes for buildings

Guide for buying best pipes for buildings

Customers always are comparing the types of their needed production to finally find the best type for the related application, now, there is some guide information on many websites that present adaptable data for the customers to differentiate between productions and at last, choosing the best ones. Mainly, all of the pipe types are mentioning below with their symbolic names:

  • ABS
  • UPVC
  • PB-1
  • PP
  • PE
  • PVDF
  • PE-RT
  • PEX

If you search for their exact names, you will see the complete names which are mentioned in this article before. The density and properties of each type id different from others. To recognize the suitable pipes for building or other places, you have to contain engineer knowledge for the best result. Particularly, the most suitable and adaptable pipes for building whether residential or official ones are those which have flexibility features because they have to install underground, the polyethylene and PVC pipes have this feature, so, they can be adaptable for building construction. Moreover, you can get help from the expert salesmen and centers which present such productions with all of the details.


Price range of plastic pipes

Price range of plastic pipesThe main considerable point of plastic pipes is their range prices and how much they will cost if the customer wants to prepare the bulk volumes!
As it said, the plastic pipes have many types used for special applications and definitely, there are price differences between them, so, suppliers and presenters of these productions have to estimate the real value and then sell them. Many related centers and marketable pipes exist in many areas of your country which are presenting these productions at different prices.
First of all, if you want to know the range prices of pipe types, you have to recognize your amount of need, for example, do you need the retail or bulk of these pipes? After answering this question, now you can specify the suitable center which is able to present the specified amount. Now, it is the best time to find the exact range prices of pipe types in different related websites. Producer companies often contain main websites for customers to see the list of prices as a catalog or brochure.
If you look for centers and presenter stores which have the most suitable prices commonly contain the wholesale stores. These centers sell the same productions of retail markets but at lower prices.

What are the advantages of plastic pipes?

What are the advantages of plastic pipes?

Use of plastic pipes is commonly accomplished in many industrial centers. These pipes contain the controllable standards, so, they can be adaptable for public and engineer application. These pipes also have many advantages:

  1. They are strong resistors from corroding and frosting
  2. Plastic pipes have low weights and can be easily moved, it is good for transportation processes.
  3. These have a flexibility advantage for underground usages especially, this advantage causes to lesser number of pipe connections.
  4. Plastic pipes can be attached to different methods such as pressure connections, sticking, and welding.
  5. Perfect hydraulic features, means they need less energy for transferring the fluids.
  6. They are affordable to prepare ad can be worked for a long time, plastic pipes sometimes work for even more than 30 years.
  7. Controllable standards

Besides that, there are two types of disadvantages of these productions which limits their applications:

  • Low consistency and hardness
  • Vulnerable from high temperature

By the way, the future production processes can manufacture the developed version of these pipes which are not contained the previous disadvantages and be able to suit more needs of the customers.

Wholesale prices of pipes

Wholesale prices of pipes

Every type of production have different ways to prepare and these ways can be divided into several valid methods, in addition, any kind of these shopping stores present a different price too. 

According to the ways of shopping pipes and other types of services, it has to be mentioned again:

  • Online shopping websites
  • Wholesale stores
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Direct purchases from the producer company

Online shopping websites are a fast and easy way for different purchases, this way contains discounted prices most of the time. Retail shopping centers are suitable for the customers who want to prepare several lengths of these productions, for example, the pvc pipes measures by its length, pvc pipe length in meter or meters are adaptable in retail shops, of course, this is the same about other pipes. But wholesale stores and direct company purchases are the assured ways to prepare the bulk volumes of pipes at lower prices as of you want to buy them in retail stores, you have to at least pay off double money. The quality of the presented pipes in wholesale stores are the same as other centers. To find the exact price list of these productions, you can visit the related sources.

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