Plastic Pipe| Different types of plastic pipes in the market

plastic pipe has different types of plastic pipes in the market for different us in different parts of house, if you like to know about plastic pipe fittings, kind of plastic pipes, plastic pipe sizes, large plastic pipe, plastic pipework, and black plastic pipe this article can help you to get the information you want to know about plastic pipes. 

Plastic Pipe| Different types of plastic pipes in the market

Where to find pipe shops with high variety of plastic pipes?

Where to find pipe shops with high variety of plastic pipes?Considering the increasing use of plastic pipes in buildings of the industrial countries and distribution of variety of plastic pipes with different names and genders as the petrochemical industry develops.

 It is not easy to choose and buy the best and most suitable type of plastic pipe, and it requires studying and understanding the different  types of these pipes.

 the most plastic pipes that nowadays used are:

  • PVC plastic pipes
  • PA plastic pipes
  • Polypropylene plastic pipes
  • ABS plastic pipes

as you figure out different types of plastic pipes now you know that it is time for search a market to buy plastic pipes. first of all you can search online markets and buy whatever you think you need after that you can search plastic pipes markets and try to find high quality pipes for your apartment. 

Is it safe to use HDPE pipe To transport drinking water؟

Is it safe to use HDPE pipe To transport drinking water؟ The use of plastic pipes in installations dates back to the mid-1930s, for the first time, the Germans used plastic pipes for drainage systems.
Polyethylene pipes are black pipes with blue line (for water supply), the yellow line is used for (gasification) and the brown line (for sewage).
Polyethylene pipe is a pipe made of a kind of synthetic polymer of the same name because of their unique chemical structure, many advantages have been given to it.
Polyethylene pipe segmentation:

  • Single-walled tubes (abbreviated as polyethylene tubes)
  • double glazing (also known as the carogite tube)

Application of high pressure polyethylene pipe is for high pressure water displacement, particularly in highways and high slopes  are more efficient and useful.
Among the advantages of polyethylene pipe made of polyethylene or P.E material can be highly resistant against corrosive materials, pressure, impact, abrasion, temperature and also noted having the right bending angle.

Subsequently, knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of steel pipes caused to replace plastic pipes over time and in many cases of using metal pipes.
The most important disadvantages of metal pipes are that they can be corrosion, internal surface deposition, heavy weight, transportation and installation problem (compared to plastic pipes) noted.
Although plastic pipes have their disadvantages and problems but certain types of them are the most suitable for certain applications.
And in the light of the increasing advances in petrochemical and Polymer Engineering Science Methods  have been devised to reinforce and quality the plastic tubes and their defects have been very effective.
And now there is also extensive research into the production of new plastics especially composite polymers it is in the process of producing industrial pipes.
Some studies have shown that using HDPE pipes for water can be dangerous . So if you would like to use these pipes for your apartment or use it for company water facility You should consider other models and use other models of this product and reduce the use of this model for water utilities.

Plastic pipes with high consumption

Plastic pipes with high consumption Plastic tubes are hollow tubes with a circular cross section that are mainly used to pass the flow of liquids, gases, liquids with suspended or granules.
With the expansion of societies for human beings to install safe and efficient equipment in urban and rural facilities the plastic pipes gradually replaced the older pipes, as we see today.

That a new range of plastic materials are being marketed and they are used in the manufacture of all kinds of pipes.
Plastics are made of polymeric materials; polymers are large molecular units composed of long hydrocarbon chains, Producing plastic pipes without implementing industry standards at the factory, it will be pointless process.
In the meantime, there are a number of polymer tubes that have a transparent appearance and are used on special occasions, transparent plastic tubing is used as a route for fluid transfer.

Nylons, transparent polyethylene, polyurethane or PVC with dye master batches, there are materials used in making transparent plastic tubing. We have different types of plastic pipes that we can use each of them for what we wants for example it is better not use HDEP plastic pipes for water then we can use other types for water. as mentioned upper we have varies kind of plastic pipes all we need is know where is better to use what kind of pipe then we can buy it and use it for that thing. 

Can you use heat tape on plastic pipes?

Can you use heat tape on plastic pipes? Nowadays, plastic pipes have become increasingly popular, these pipes are used in various applications such as transfer of acidic, chemical solutions, corrosive gases, crude oil, drainage, fuel gases, silt and sludge, Wastewater and water are used.
The most important reason for using plastic pipes is to reduce production costs, installation includes production, shipping and labor costs and installation equipment.
In particular, the role of plastic pipes in the transmission of water and natural gas and the development of these industries are very vibrant.

In general, the thermal conductivity of plastic pipes is lower than other pipes, as a result of heat loss or vice versa heat absorption through the wall of these pipes the types of plastic pipes reach the least possible compared to other pipes.
If the plastic pipes are not well-groomed during high heat fluctuations, they are prone to snaking.
Plastic pipes soften when exposed to high temperatures, and that’s why you have to go through these hot tubs or close to high temperatures.
Temperature tolerance in plastic pipes varies from 50 ° C to 150 ° C depending on their gender and type.
If you use PVC water pipes in your home and office, it is best to use a heat tape pipe with a thermostat to control the temperature, otherwise your heat tape will be damaged and you may even hit your used plastic pipe.

What are the plastic pipe fittings?

What are the plastic pipe fittings?Plumbing has various connections, each of which is used for its purpose. Without fittings, the pipe cannot be routed to any desired direction. Also, the use of fittings makes it possible to replace only the same part in case of breakdown of any part of the pipe, thus making the maintenance process very easy.

Plastic pipe connection methods:
Plastic pipes are connected by heat welding or mechanical joints. These pipes can be connected to other pipes using pressure connections, flanges, etc. The user has many types of connections to choose from. Each of these connections has its own advantages and disadvantages in the particular connection conditions that the user faces.

When connecting plastic pipes to each other with fittings, it is important to first determine the standard fittings, then use standard fittings to connect them, and finally the method of connection by the contractors to be correct. The equipment used to perform the heat welding process must be specially designed to work with the desired pipe and the desired welding instructions. In addition, equipment must be well maintained and capable of operating in accordance with the stated technical specifications.

Where to find plastic pipe fittings at low prices?

Where to find plastic pipe fittings at low prices?Types of pipes and fittings can be categorized into different types in terms of gender, application, and method of fitting.
Recognize and compare types of this kind of pipes and their connections: Due to the increasing use of plastic pipes in industrial installations and buildings of the country and the production and distribution of different types of pipes with different names and generations The development of the petrochemical industry, the selection and purchase of the best and most suitable type of this product as well as the fittings of these pipes is not easy for a particular application and requires the study and recognition of common types of these pipes. Manufacturers of these pipes are ready to offer their products in the best quality. To buy plastic pipes: Either go to the reputable sales centers of this product and choose the product you want in person, or go through the seller’s sites. These sites have all kinds of plastic pipes with their specifications and you can easily buy the best product at a reasonable price after comparing their type and price. You will also get a good discount when you buy this product in bulk.

Top major suppliers of plastic pipes in the world

Top major suppliers of plastic pipes in the world A plastic pipe is a hollow cylinder made of plastic that often (but not necessarily) have circular cross-sections.
 It is mainly used for fluid transport (liquids, gases, slurries, powders and small solid objects) are used, This type of pipe is also used for construction because hollow tubes per unit weight they are much harder than pipes.

Most plastic pipes are made of thermoplastic materials, the method of production is that the thermoplastic material first melts, then the setting is cooled down. These tubes are usually made by extrusion.
Plastic Promoters for the Transmission of Drinking Water, Wastewater, chemicals, heating and cooling fluids, food, superconducting liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air and vacuum systems are used.

How long do plastic pipes last?

How long do plastic pipes last? According to measurements made by the Japan Pipe and Fittings Institute, it was done on underground pvc pipes, The tube used in the subsoil for 35 years showed no deterioration and its strength was similar to that of new pipes.
Under normal conditions of use, the most important factor affecting durability of pipe materials, resistance to oxidation in air.
A report from Germany on hard pvc pipes used in recent years, Shows that a pvc pipe that has been used for more than 50 years has it has the same strength as new pipes.
PVC pipes do not hurt and they have a long life span due to their high resistance to environmental conditions, it quickly gained popularity among all, it has been used in many projects for sewage, water supply and fluid transportation.

The latest model of the Polycarbonate (U-PVC) family of pipes used for water and wastewater are used worldwide.
Resistance to breakage of U-PVC pipes is one of their important functional benefits, Under load, U-PVC pipes can deform without breaking, U-PVC is one of its major advantages for technical applications especially in situations where soil movement or vibration is likely (like earthquakes).

Properties of polyethylene pipe its high resistance to impact and pressure at very low temperatures can also be noted,  Polyethylene pipes are made of a polymer material called polyethylene, which its abbreviation is PE.
Polyethylene pipe is a safe, safe and suitable product for use in infrastructure piping systems, the life span of this type of pipe is estimated to be between 50 and 100 years, depending on the application, design and type of installation.
base on what kind of pipe you are using its lasting is different. 


Is it OK to use PVC pipe for hot water?

Is it OK to use PVC pipe for hot water?PVC pipe (UPVC pipe) is one of the first and most widely used polymer pipes, And different types of PVC pipes with different applications were produced and marketed with different applications.
 PVC is one of the most widely used types of plastics in the industry.
Plastic plugs are flammable and most of them spread fire, But one of the features of PVC is that it does not spread the fire on the pipe, but just the point where the fire is burned and destroyed.
PVC pipes also have disadvantages, for example, they are extremely crisp and susceptible to cracking at temperatures at temperatures below zero and below zero.
They also lose their quality if they are exposed to excessive sunlight, PVC pipes are not suitable for spa services and hot waters.
PVC and UPVC joints are currently the most widely used type of pipe is in buildings and construction projects, the most common use of upvc pipes is in sewage transport.

Best price of plastic pipes for export

Best price of plastic pipes for export The plastics used in pipe manufacturing are a combination of base polymer and additives.
 Additives to create special properties such as protecting the polymer during the manufacturing process and afterwards, improved some properties, added color and more.
Types of heat stabilizers, antioxidants, optical stabilizers, softeners and lubricants, fillers, etc. are additives.

best price of plastic pipes for export is depends on:

  • the brand you want to buy plastic pipes from
  • the country it made at
  • the material used in the plastic pipe
  • what kind of plastic pipe it is, for example the price of PVC and HDEP plastic pipes are different because the usage of them are different, you can use them in different years and the substance of them are different as well.
    then when you want to buy pipe pay attention to upper tips.

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