Hdpe Pipe Suppliers | Major wholesalers of HDPE pipes in Iran

Hdpe Pipe Suppliers are all around the world. Hdpe pipes are one of the most widely used pipes in the industry and their main ingredient is polyethylene. Due to the widespread use of these pipes in industry, all countries of the world, including Iran, manufacture and distribute hdpe pipes in their respective factories.

Hdpe Pipe Suppliers have to consider many components in their production. The hdpe pipe manufacturing plant must modernize its machinery and these lines must be equipped with a Gravimetric & Ultrasonic Weight and Weight Control System. The quality control laboratory is an essential part of any PE production plant where the laboratory equipment must always be reviewed and calibrated and the laboratory must have NACI 17025 certification.

Hdpe Pipe Suppliers| Major wholesalers of HDPE pipes in Iran

The standards of the HDPE pipes for exoprt

The standards of the HDPE pipes for exoprtHDPE standards (standards related to PE) :

Here are the global standards for making PE pipes, piping, applications and how to work with pipes made of HDPE materials.

HDPE polyethylene pipes have different types for different applications We have listed some of the most valid ones.

  • ISO 14427 standard : The standard consists of two sections, developed by the Standard Organization, which cover areas of polyethylene pipes, water supply for human consumption including drinking water and raw water before treatment, collection and transport of sewage and pressure drainage, collectors. It covers the collection and transportation of wastewater under vacuum.
  • ISIRI 1331 Standard
  • DIN standards
  • ISO standards : ISO International Organization (ISA) was first established in 1926 with 20 companies from around the world. The iso standard for producing hdpe tubes has several clauses.

The above are some of the standards to be followed for exporting hdpe pipes. You can refer to different sites for detailed details and different sections of these standards.

Biggest pipe exporting companies in Iran

Biggest pipe exporting companies in IranIn Iran, different companies are active in exporting various pipes and fittings. Yazdbaspar, for example, is one of the top exporters. Exports of pipes and fittings as one of the most demanding steel products on the one hand, and on the other hand, fluctuations in the dollar and the currency, instantaneous customs rules, etc. have created their own problems that require specialized and specialized experts in this field.

The most important exports of Iranian companies are to Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Oman, etc.

Different colors of pipes for using in buildings

Different colors of pipes for using in buildingsIn general, pipes have colors that are often different for different applications. For example, different types of primers and pipe colors are required for pipe insulation. Probably you have also had problems with rust and corrosion of the pipes so you have had problems. These types of primers and tube colors can be used to prevent such problems.

  • Extending the existence of the pipes and their durability against environmental situations can be used in a ramification of primers and pipes colours.
  • Its variants are primarily used for waterproofing various section pipes.
  • Its variants come in different volumes and packages; they range in size from 4 to 25 liters.
  • Acrylic resin is usually a raw material for all types of primers and tube colors.
  • It is suitable for all types of high pressure, low pressure, insulated and insulated pipes.
  • It is not recommended to use a variety of primer and pipes colors in rainy weather, snow, mildew, dusty dust, heavy fog, etc.
  • Deodorant and anti-allergenic primer and tube colors are among the benefits of these materials, so they are highly recommended by experts.
  • You can even use a variety of primer and pipe color to waterproof concrete foundations and buried tanks.

Color regulation for pipe detection :

  1.  Red is intended for sprinkler tubes and elevators.
  2.  Orange or yellow for pipes carrying hazardous substances (eg explosives) toxic and corrosive substances (such as acids, bases, chlorine gas, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide) at high pressures and temperatures (eg Steam), high pressure (eg weather).
  3.  White, black, gray or aluminum colors are used for safe materials.
  4.  Brilliant water is used for pipes containing materials used to reduce the risk of hazardous substances. This paint is also used for all other fire protection. The following table lists the standards BS1710: 1971 and BS: 4800 for identifying pipes containing different materials.

Biggest sizes of HDPE pipes

Biggest sizes of HDPE pipes Hdpe pipe sizes are specified in millimeters, but some people measure hdpe pipe sizes in inches. They are divided into thickness and weight and the 110 mm hdpe tube is 10 times less thick than the 110 mm hdpe tube 16 times. The hdpe pipe sizes range from 16mm to 2500mm, the hdpe pipe to the size of 750mm is economically feasible and the pipe larger than 750mm is used for specific applications where the other tubes are not efficient.

The standard sizes of hdpe pipes vary in size, for example the 75 mm single wall pipe is manufactured and supplied, but the double wall pipe is not manufactured at this size and the standard tables and dimensions are different. Producing different hdpe pipe sizes requires a hdpe pipe fittings line and suitable machines of the same sizes, for example a 16 mm hdpe pipe line can produce 90mm and 110mm pipe and conventional pipe lines can produce up to 730mm. Have. In the production line, for the production of different pipe sizes, end-line devices must also be fitted so that the pipe produced is of standard and quality.

Depending on the need and application, hdpe tubes of appropriate size should be used.

Different usages of pp pipes

Different usages of pp pipes Polypropylene pipe :

Polypropylene or PP pipe systems are widely used in industry. Light weight, welding and abrasion resistance make this pipe durable. Polypropylene pipes are also good thermal and electrical insulation. High temperatures of up to 5 ° C in the long run do not affect the polypropylene pipe structures. In addition, raising the temperature to 2 ° C in a short period of time can not affect the structure of polypropylene. Excellent chemical resistance to aqueous, acidic, alkali, salts and a large number of organic solvents has made these pipes widely used.

With these interpretations the question is, what is a propylene tube and what materials are it made of?

Polypropylene pipes are heated by fusion welding. These pipes are among the lightest and most resistant to chemicals. The polypropylene tube is divided into two types, the first of which is more common. Its toughness and toughness of its kind make it used in applications such as chemical drainage, heat stabilizers and reduced flammability.

Properties of polypropylene pipes :

  • Semi-hard
  • Semitransparent
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good wear resistance
  • Heat resistance

pp pipes have different applications such as having high properties :

  • Chemical discharge systems
  • Industrial Processes
  • transferring water
  • Hot and cold water distribution
  • Wastewater Systems
  • Plumbing Side Fittings

Lastest price list of undergrand HDPE pipes

Lastest price list of undergrand HDPE pipesThe price of polyethylene material used in the production of hdpe pipe is constantly fluctuating in the stock market and there is no relative price stability.

Many other factors, such as exchange rates, freight costs, electricity costs and personnel costs, and many more, may have an impact on the price and price list. So manufacturers and sellers give their prices to customers on a daily basis, with a one-day validity period, and bidding is a very high risk.

How to calculate hdpe pipe prices :

The price of hdpe pipe varies with the type of raw material (imported and domestic) of the grade and the purity of the raw material. The purity of the material is the amount of raw material mixed with the waste material, and the pure biofuel does not use any waste material in its production. It has been proven high quality pure life products. Many criteria influence the final price of hdpe pipe. The price of 2-inch and 4-inch hdpe tubes is less volatile in the market due to their high usage and competitiveness. Price determination also depends on the diameter and pressure of the pipe. They start from 20mm in diameter and eventually lead to 2,400mm in massive designs. The price and weight of the pipe is directly related to the working pressure of the pipe, the higher the pressure, the higher the weight and price of the pipe. The hdpe pipe is marketed from 2.5 times to 20 times. The price of the hdpe pipe is calculated by meter length, it is not up to the factory for what pipe you purchased and at what diameter, but the amount of raw material used to make each meter of hdpe pipe length.

Top 10 manufacturers of HDPE pipes in Asia

Top 10 manufacturers of HDPE pipes in AsiaIn Asia, there are other countries besides Iran in the field of hdpe pipe fittings production.

hdpe pipe manufacturers in india have expanded production in the field due to increased demand for pipes in the irrigation and construction industry. In addition, the government’s increased focus on rural water management supports the demand for hdpe pipes in India. However, the availability of replacements such as pvc pipe and ppr pipe has hindered the growth of the hdpe pipe market in India. However, hdpe pipe manufacturers in delhi are still continuing their production and have not stopped production.

 It is also worth noting that hdpe pipe suppliers in dubai are among the best to meet the needs of their countries and sometimes export their products to other countries.

How to identify best qualities of pipes?

How to identify best qualities of pipes?Determining the best quality is not an easy task and you have to consider different components. For example, in different applications of pipes, the identification of the best quality varies and depends on the use made of that pipe. For example, hdpe pipes are generally of a quality if they have the following characteristics :

  • Resistant to the passage of time. In terms of useful life, even with at least 50 years, its actual performance will be longer than this. Its resistance to stress cracking and cracking progress is unique.
  • Because PE appliances are flexible, they also offer ease and resistance in the worst working conditions.
  • It is much lighter and easier to attach than steel, wood and aluminum. Facilitate any construction.
  • Polyethylene has anti-corrosion properties and retains its strength and performance in all working conditions.
  • It has high impact resistance, even at low temperatures and is not brittle
  • Do not get dirty quickly, it is free of toxins and easy to clean.
  • Its resistance to frost is very high. Do not be affected by the freezing of liquids inside it.
  • Along with all of these features, they are much more economical than raw materials for steel, aluminum and wood.

In general, in order to buy better quality pipes we have to research and we can use different sites on the Internet. Also, purchases from well known companies and brands in the field of pipe and fittings provide better quality.

Which countries have cheapest pipe products?

Which countries have cheapest pipe products?lowering manufacturing costs are frequently a part of the production strategy of many corporations and industries. Many corporations relocate to regions wherein they can make their products less expensive, either through specializing in reducing labor expenses or the value of the materials, or a combination of each.while China has been perceived as a low-price production region for extra than a decade, experts are actually speaking approximately a shift to India as the subsequent factory to the world. For a few, Malaysia and Thailand can be seen as any other alternative for changing China, but the ones countries may be extra targeted on excessive- and medium-tech production.Being visible as providing affordable production prices certainly one of five attributes used to expand the Open for enterprise sub-rating within the 2019 excellent international locations report. The survey is primarily based on a look at that surveyed more than 20,000 worldwide residents from four regions to evaluate perceptions of eighty nations on 75 specific metrics.

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