Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Price + Purchase

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Price + Purchase

Polyethylene pipe fittings are one of the most widely used products in various industries for the transfer of fluids such as liquid and gas, including hot and cold water industries, and sewage

What are Polyethylene Pipes Fittings?

chemical industries including acids, in the transfer of gasoline and diesel, gas industries, firefighting industries, and also It is electricity industries

Polyethylene pipe fittings are a widely used product that is made with petrochemical materials called polyethylene

It should be noted that polyethylene material is a variety of grits for making polyethylene pipe fittings with different grades, which are divided into four parts based on density

These materials are as follows
Light polyethylene or LDPE: with a low-density area of 0
91 g/cm3 to 0
925 g/cm3 2

Linear light polyethylene or LLDPE: with an average density of 0
926 g/cm3 to 0
94 g/cm3 3

Heavy polyethylene or HDPE: with a heavy density of 0
94 g/cm3 to 0
965 g/cm3 4
Ultra heavy polyethylene or UHMWPE But the materials that we want to make polyethylene pipe fittings are HDPE polyethylene materials with high density

So, what you are buying from us is polyethylene pipe fittings with HDPE grade polyethylene materials
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 Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Price + Purchase

Features of Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

As I have explained in the previous part, polyethylene pipe fittings have different uses, which I will explain below

The use of polyethylene pipe fittings is divided into several parts based on the type of fluid, which is as follows

Polyethylene pipe fittings for water, which have a blue stripe in their body, are divided into several parts, which are abbreviated as polyethylene screw fittings, electrofusion polyethylene fittings, welded polyethylene fittings, etc
Sewage polyethylene pipe fittings
 Polyethylene pipe fittings for gas, for which electrofusion polyethylene pipe connections are used, which have the highest IGS standard
Polyethylene pipe fittings for firefighting
These pipe fittings and firefighting fittings are welded and are red inside the building and black outside the building
I must point out that the polyethylene pipe fittings used in the fire alarm system in all office buildings, residential buildings, shops, and staircases are of the FM Approval standard, which is a global standard

PVC and uPVC polyethylene pipe connections
Polyvinyl amide polyethylene pipe fittings, which are widely used in building sewage maps, are divided into several parts
Electrical polyethylene pipe fittings, which are widely used for aerial and underground coverings of electrical wires and cables
I would like to mention that we have brought what was possible in this article

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 Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Price + Purchase

Price of Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

I have to tell my dear customers and friends that polyethylene pipe fittings are divided into several parts, but you should know that polyethylene pipe fittings are divided into 3 items, i

pressure, size, and position, which makes the efficiency of polyethylene pipe fittings different
But what does this mean?
It means that all polyethylene screw pipe fittings withstand 6 to 10 bar pressure and its size is 20 to 25 and it is used for cold water

But in electrofusion polyethylene pipe fittings, due to surface-to-surface welding, it can withstand 10 to 16 bar pressure, and its size starts from 20, it has a higher standard, and its price is more expensive

But welded polyethylene pipe fittings withstand pressure up to 16 bar and are made in different sizes, and generally large sizes are made manually

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 Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Price + Purchase

Tips to Buy Polyethylene Pipe Fittings

But I have to say that is why I asked this question about polyethylene pipe fittings, I have to tell you dears that our team in the production and export department until the clearance and transportation department do it with your confidence according to international standards

We are the manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler of polyethylene pipe fittings, just contact us and we will perform our duties well according to the contract we have signed

 It should be noted that the price of polyethylene pipe fittings is calculated and announced to you according to the quantity and quality requested by you, as well as the place of receipt of the product and the type of incoterms and insurance

We are committed to producing polyethylene pipe fittings according to the customer’s request and delivering them according to your order to complete customer satisfaction


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