20MM HDPE Pipe Price

20MM HDPE Pipe Price

Polyethylene pipes characteristic is constructed of polymer materials, as the name indicates

20MM HDPE Pipe 

While polyethylene is white and clear on its own, a little quantity of color (approximately 2% by weight) is added to it during the manufacturing process
HDPE (high density polyethylene pipe) is the same pipe that you see all around; these pipes are made in the shape of branches and rolls

LDPE light polyethylene pipe (low density polyethylene pipe) is available in two sizes, the same as Luden pipe or drip pipe

Polyethylene pipe is only made for transporting water and gas and is not suitable for transporting other fluids

 20MM HDPE Pipe Price

20MM HDPE Pipe Features

Polyethylene pipe is the most comprehensive pipe in the agriculture, water, and sewage industries

One of the unique features of this pipe is its ability to produce at different nominal pressures, and it is easier to move and transport than cast iron or metal pipes


B, A, and C

Agriculture, Water, and Sewage Industries

Easier to Move Than Cast Iron or Metal Pipes

PE63, PE80, PE100

In Iran, polyethylene pipe is classified into two types: standard polyethylene pipe and non-standard polyethylene pipe (grade 2 polyethylene pipe)

Standard polyethylene pipe is also available in three different materials:

PE63 polyethylene pipe
PE80 polyethylene pipe
PE100 polyethylene pipe

Polyethylene pipe is divided into three grades: B, A, and C

 20MM HDPE Pipe Price

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Based on laboratory data and normal operation of polyethylene pipe, the useful life will be 50 years

The standard conditions imply adhering to the pipe’s maximum tolerable pressure; moving, expanding, and installing the polyethylene pipe in accordance with all installation instructions

Burying the pipe at the appropriate depth and recommended soil; and adhering to the minimum and maximum temperature of the water inside the pipe

The acceptable pressure for water organization projects and circumstances where water is under pressure 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is at least 10 atmospheres and no more than 16 atmospheres

 20MM HDPE Pipe Price

20MM HDPE Pipe Price + Buy and Sell

The cost of polyethylene pipe: the cost of polyethylene pipe is directly connected to two factors: raw materials and pipe weight

The better the quality and purity of the raw materials, the higher the price of the pipe

The higher the pressure tolerance of the polyethylene pipe, the thicker the pipe wall, and therefore the higher the price

The price of polyethylene pipe is calculated as follows by polyethylene pipe manufacturers:
The characteristics of 20mm HDPE pipe with one wall Nowadays, single-walled polyethylene

The price of concertina barbed wire will vary between 0
5$ and 240$ depending on its material and size, for the lastest update about price make sure to contact us

 20MM HDPE Pipe Price

The Answer to Two Questions About HDPE Pipe

1: What do you think of HDPE?
HDPE has demonstrated superior surface durability when compared to other polymers

2: Exactly what does HDPE consist of?
Sheets of high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) are the most frequent form of this material

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